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Location: South Florida

As part of the event’s Information Systems track, Tunnell’s Kip Wolf will take a role in the “Data Integrity Concepts – A Broader Approach” session on Tuesday, October 31. During the session, Kip will have copies of his article on data integrity from Life Science Magazine available. During the panel discussion, Kip and other industry thought leaders will explore how key quality principles and processes are the foundation of data integrity assurance for cloud based systems. Techniques for evaluating cloud providers, specifying requirements, and implementing the correct client-side controls will be included as part of a case study, and innovations in information governance will also be discussed. “The impact of cloud-based systems requires a renewed look at data integrity needs and controls,” said Wolf. “During this informative session, we will look at the relationship that exists between recent trends and information governance, and highlight some of the newer opportunities and innovative strategies that can be put into place to reduce risks and improve data integrity in this new environment.”

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