Kip Wolf is an information scientist and bioscience management consultant with what Gygax (1978) describes as “unusually active imagination and superior, active intellect” (p. 5) who lives in south Florida and works with life sciences clients and partners both regionally and globally to bring new vaccines, therapies and companion diagnostics to market to address unmet medical needs.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to parents who are both educators who handed down to him their passion for life-long learning, he taught himself computer programming at the age of 10. He started with punched cards on a Wang mainframe and BASIC on a TRS-80 (Model I), but quickly moved to Pascal, COBOL and FORTRAN. He had an early passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He grew up with an eye for design likely learned from his highly creative parents who dabbled in everything from amateur photography to screen printing and tie dye. In addition to traditional courses during primary and secondary school, he independently studied with great interest both formal sciences (incl. computer science, information theory, and database design) and natural sciences (incl. biology, chemistry, and physics). His formal post-secondary educational background is in physics (Rochester Institute of Technology), engineering (Penn State) and microelectronics (US Navy), while he holds multiple business degrees from Eastern University and has also completed graduate studies in Drug Development at Temple University.

Systems engineering, enterprise architecture and internetworking was his primary focus while working in the US Navy and shortly thereafter. In the early days of the public Internet, he co-founded an Internet services company; and, later founded and operated GxP Data Services, a boutique IT and management consulting firm melding business process management (BPM) principles with traditional IT and management consulting. The work that he and the staff at GxP Data Services performed was primarily focused on highly-regulated industries and included enterprise architecture, information security and forensic data analysis. Early clients were primarily aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies companies including such firms as Lockheed Martin, Newport News Shipbuilding, and United Defense/BMI. He shifted focus almost exclusively to life sciences in the late 1990s, with clients including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, PF Laboratories (Purdue Pharma) and Roche Diagnostics Corporation. He operated as President and Chief Executive Officer at GxP Data Services until 2004.

He has worked inside the life sciences industry during periods of significant transformational change with specific technical experience in the fields of quality assurance and regulatory affairs, GMP and IT compliance, technical operations and product supply. His more than 25 years of experience as a management consultant, includes having led business process management groups at Wyeth Manufacturing and at Merck Research & Development. After leaving Merck in 2013, he again went back to full-time consulting, founding Wolf & Associates LLC, where he focused on solutions in the juxtaposition of business strategy, enterprise architecture and data/information management. In January 2015 he was recruited to Tunnell Life Sciences Consulting where for over five years he led the data integrity practice and consulted, taught, spoke and published regularly on topics of data integrity and quality systems. In September 2020 he took a leadership role at X-Vax Technology, Inc., a biotech startup.


Gygax, G. (1978). Advanced dungeons & dragons, players handbook. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR Hobbies.

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